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May, 2010  // Posts published in May, 2010

30 May Posted by in Blog | 2 comments


It has been a big week! First the drudgery, and then we’ll move onto the happiness. I started out with a weird earache last Saturday, which progressed to a massive headache/earache by Monday. I was only able to sleep on Sunday night after a 3:30AM Priesthood blessing. I finally asked Dovy to schedule a doctor’s […]


23 May Posted by in Blog | 1 comment


This week has actually been rather uneventful. We are back in the regular swing of things. Dovy is simply back to work and I am simply back to helping our little girls grow up. I can’t believe I have two daughters – and they remind me of myself in different ways. Anjali is super independent […]


16 May Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

Off to the Grandparents’ House We Go

Yeah, cheesy title. I know. :) So, this week we all caught colds and had runny noses. Ugh. Thank goodness the sickness only lasted a few days and was not that bad. However, it did give me a chance to slow down a little and relax. I know my weight loss will be nonexistent this […]


09 May Posted by in Blog | 2 comments

The Mother of All Posts

So, for Mother’s Day, Dovy decided to take the entire weekend to spoil me. BEST. HUSBAND. EVER. :) More to come as I progress through this massive entry. “Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good place to start…” It all began with Monday. After Dovy’s harrowing week in Salt Lake and my endeavors […]


02 May Posted by in Blog | 3 comments


Dovy was missing in action this week. He spent the entire week commuting up to SLC every day to be a part of the national genealogical convention. Things went really well. Footnote.com will be working with SharingTime (the company Dovy is building); myriads of other companies were interested in what they were up to, as […]