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March, 2010  // Posts published in March, 2010

28 Mar Posted by in Blog | 3 comments

Happy Holi!

Happy Holi!

It was a rather eventful week. We found out through a course of events that our old tub might be leaking lead into the bath-water. We were told it wasn’t a big deal unless you drink the water… Anjali. (Have tried to stop her from doing that for the last year – you wouldn’t believe […]


21 Mar Posted by in Blog | 3 comments


As I look back on this last week, I realize how much fun we have! Our family is always busy and doing new things. How lucky am I? My girls are becoming better friends every day. Anjali wants Elli involved in everything she does – more and more each day. I can’t wait to see […]


14 Mar Posted by in Blog | 3 comments

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I hope that everyone doesn’t mind the father of this little family writing his own blog post. We’ve had quite the busy week. Natalie helped to organize a huge event (the Women’s Chorus solo concert) which ended up selling out the de Jong Concert Hall at BYU. If you want all the juicy tidbits, you […]


14 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments

Sold Out!

We did it! I have been working for the past several months as the Publicity Chair for the BYU Women’s Chorus. Week after week I have met with my committee and week after week we’ve been making things happen. To reward our and the choir’s success, we officially sold the last seat to our show […]


07 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments

Tie-Dye and Pistachios

Women’s Chorus. That’s what we did all week. Oh, and spring cleaning. I’ve ripped the house apart and put it back together only for it to be a dump this weekend again when Dovy took the ENTIRE Saturday off (for the first time) and worked on our coat closet. Yay! We’re finally going to have […]