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February, 2010  // Posts published in February, 2010

28 Feb Posted by in Blog | 2 comments


So, teaching Anjali to use the restroom instead of her diaper has been like any other thing: leave her alone. I finally just gave up on all the tricks and tips that I had learned and left her be. I would ask her if she wanted to go like a big girl and every time […]


21 Feb Posted by in Blog | 2 comments


What do Cheez-Its, whipped cream, and yogurt have in common? They are foods that Anjali has eaten in the last week! Yes, this is it. A whole new world. Literally. Every couple of weeks I give Anjali a little dairy and see how she reacts. Even a month ago, she reacted and broke out in […]


14 Feb Posted by in Blog | 3 comments

Mama’s Gotta Brand New Mac

On Thursday afternoon (shortly after discovering half of a roll of toilet paper spewed all over the bathroom floor) I heard a knock on the door. Dovy was to return from choir any minute, but I went to the door, baby and toddler in tow. There was my husband, down on one knee, with a […]


07 Feb Posted by in Blog | 3 comments

Pie Palooza

Well, we did it! And came out alive, too. We had a grand turn-out for our Housewarming Party on Tuesday. The pie total: 20. Pies left over after the event: 3.5. Here is a list for anyone interested in recipes: PumpkinPeach-a-BerryTart CherryPecanSunday’s AppleFour-BerryRhubarb Sour CreamLemon MeringueDeath by ChocolateCoconut CreamPistachioChocolate Peanut ButterChocolate LayerCream Cheese Pie (“White […]